What is a volunteer?

Lighthouse Transitional Care offers a variety of different volunteer opportunities.

• Helping us translate our teaching and marketing materials into Latvian and Russian
• Teaching a Life Skills class
• Establishing a mentoring relationship with one of our youth
• Attending a weekly class (or two or three) and helping us set up snacks
• Providing a space for us to meet for our monthly “Family Dinner.”

As a volunteer, you will not be limited or siloed. As a volunteer, we hope that you’ll help our youth in a way that naturally springs from your interests, gifts and personality.

Why are volunteers needed?

Most of youth have learned and experienced that people cannot be trusted and aren’t safe. This means that our goal is to show them what a healthy, safe and encouraging community looks like. They need as many people as possible in their lives to love them, want their best, help them, and show them what trusting relationships look like.

How can I become a volunteer?

Click here to complete a volunteer application, and we’ll get in touch with you about the next steps!

Volunteering at the Lighthouse is flexible, and we provide all the training and support you’ll need to make a difference in the life of an aged-out, orphaned young adult!