Apply for Services


In order to understand the full scope of need for each of the young adults we serve we have a three step application process that takes two weeks to complete. This process allows us to determine the necessary program needed for the young adult to feel prepared and empowered for their future.

Application Steps

  • Step 1 – Personal interview
  • Step 2 – Written Assessment
  • Step 3 – Program description and contract signing

If you would like to begin this process by scheduling an interview click here.

New Start Project

The New Start Project began when one of our youth aged-out and moved on from their orphanage. Their transition inspired us to help them meet the challenges of the season. This project provides aging out youth with a duffle bag filled with essential items for their first few days on their own and information about the Lighthouse and the services we provide.

Click here to apply for a “New Start” bag.

If you would like to connect us with a young adult that you think could benefit from our program please contact us here.